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copyright 2011  Hans Rueffert

Because of the perishible/fragile nature of our products, we simply cannot offer refunds on spices or books. We're more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have before your purchase, but once it arrives at your place, it's yours. This is a family operation and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items go toward Gastric Cancer research or personal medical bills. Thank you & gesundheit...

Hans Rueffert


FINALLY all four of Hans' signature spice blends have arrived and are now available!

Cajun Joe is spicy blend used for blackend meats or seasoning vegetables, potatoes or gumbo. Unlike most Cajun blends, Cajun Joe is very low in sodium. It's fantastic on the grill!

Honey Buzz is a sweet-hot blend that's good on everything from chops to popcorn, deviled eggs to shrimp on the grill. Think of it as a dry-barbecue rub, made with honey powder, smoked paprika, coriander and orange peel.

Out of the Blue is a seasoned sea salt blend with lavender flowers, corriander, and white pepper. We use it every single day as our "go to" spice blend. It's perfect for mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, mashed potatoes and grilled meats.

Sugar Baby is raw turbinado sugar with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Ideal for sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies, sugar cookies and hot chocolate...Sugar Baby loves you!

Buy them individually for $8 earch or buy a 4-Spice set for only $30. Hans' spices will make an excellent gift for someone you love or just keep them for yourself and enjoy them every day.


Eat Like There's No Tomorrow

Shortly after finishing third in the Next Food Network Star television series in 2005, one of Jasper, Georgia’s favorite sons and culinary sensation Hans Rueffert was diagnosed with stage-three stomach cancer. He lost most of his stomach and esophagus to the disease, but gained more than he could have imagined—a perspective which has heightened his childlike appreciation for the finer things in life; family, friends, colors and flavors.

You will be educated, entertained and inspired as Hans, the personable and gracious host of Hans Cooks the South, reveals his story through a beautifully written and illustrated cookbook, Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow. A natural storyteller with an appreciation for irony and an eye for all things beautiful, Hans shares his optimistic measuring cup-half-full perspective with this light-hearted collection of original recipes, engaging narratives and glorious photographs.

The original photographs, magical moments harvested and preserved, will stimulate your appetite and the narratives will delight and satisfy you. Who knew growing your own tomatoes, searching for wild ramps, or breakfasting on a shrimp boat could be such an adventure? And though there’s plenty of sustenance here to satisfy, you may not quite be ready to leave the table. You will likely crave a second helping of Hans’ tales, “restaurant boy” revelations and quiet, cancer- wizened perspectives gleaned from living authentically and deliberately.

You can also buy books, spices and other treasures from our friends over at Out of the Blue in downtown Blue Ridge, GA. Visit

Spice Blend
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