Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

Exploring the connection between what we EAT and how we FEEL


Restaurant Boy

I am a restaurant boy. Every childhood memory I have took place in a restaurant or above a restaurant or on the way to a restaurant or returning from a restaurant. And those memories, either good or bad, are forever linked to not only the restaurants, but to the food itself.


Gastric Cancer Survivor

In July of 2005, just 2 weeks after taping the finale for the Next Food Network Star, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

The Gesundheit Kitchen with Foundation board member and “Chef without a Stomach” Hans Rueffert and other experts is a place to learn more about nutritional tips that have worked for patients and how to make some of the simple and healthy meals that are tasty too.

Life’s too short to eat bad food… Let’s Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow: