Wellness Luxury Mediterranean Cruise with Chef Hans

Wellness Luxury Mediterranean Cruise with Chef Hans Rueffert (pdf)


Eat like there's no tomorrow



Cigna Corporation

Working with Hans over the past year has been quite the treat! We have collaborated to bring nutrition focused demonstrations directly to Cigna members, providing creative yet practical meal ideas. The wellness bowl is a personal favorite, which my family has recreated on numerous occasions.

Not only does Hans offer his talent in the kitchen, but a strong testimony about the importance of caring for our bodies as well. Our members leave encouraged and empowered to transform the way they interact with food. We cannot wait to share this platform with other partners in Georgia and beyond.

Julia Horton
Client Engagement Manager
Cigna Corporation

"Hans testimonial is an oath to life, courage and how a positive outlook on life can overcome the greatest adversity! I was profoundly inspired after reading his story and very proud to be part of an organization that will bring people like Hans and viable options to cope with these types of adverse challenges!"

"Hans is a great inspiration to us all, but more importantly represents patients firsthand.  I was honored to be able to watch and listen to him speak (virtually) on Friday.  Thank you to the senior leaders who gave us the opportunity.  Hans reminds all of us to focus on what is right when we conduct our business (and our personal lives).  It is so important to focus on the patient."

"Hans' story was truly inspirational!"

"What a story ... What a strong man ... Yes ... there is a life after cancer and stomach removal... I have also lost my stomach 05/18/1993 .... It was a hard time ... And today - I'm so happy, feel so good and I can do my work at LILLY. Thank you Hans for the story. Sorry for my not so perfect english. Gudrun aus Germany."

"What an amazing speaker! Look at the hope that he gives other cancer patients by the way he delivers his story with his down to earth, positive nature.  After listening to an inspiring talk such as Hans gave, it puts the focus back on why we do this...patients (customers) are why we do this and it emphasizes that even the smallest contribution made to getting our drugs to market really will make a difference in the lives of others.  Thank you Hans!"

"I intently watched every moment of Hans' talk.  My youngest daughter has endured Stage 4 colon cancer, a reoccurrence almost 5 years later, and a Whipple procedure.  She has many of the same gastric / digestive issues Hans mentioned.  I wish she could have heard his inspiring talk.  Thanks for sharing his story Lilly."


"Great Story. Strong person."

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